Muslim Vote 2010

Muslim Vote 2010 is a tool and a platform to encourage British Muslims to go out and vote on 6 May. It also intends to create a non-partisan space where British Muslims of all political persuasions can come together, debate, share learn and activate for the common good.

Muslims and the Elections

These will be the closest fought election in a generation. All voters, including Muslims can make a difference.

In the forthcoming General Election, increased numbers of Muslims will be eligible to vote – many as first time voters. They are citizens fully engaged in the life, concerns and future course of our nation.

We encourage all Muslims to take an active part in all the issues of the election campaign. British Muslims should engage with and contribute to the national debate, not merely for their own interests, but the common good of our shared future.

This section will also outline the public policy issues effecting Muslims in Britain. You can also learn about Muslim voting patterns.