Muslim Vote 2005

Muslims congratulated over Robust Participation

The 2005 General Elections came at a difficult time when there is clearly a lot of disaffection among British Muslims about the Iraq war, the application of draconian anti-terror laws and the manner in which sections of the media have used sensationalism to stigmatize our entire community. The issues raised by British Muslims were mainstream concerns and not peripheral as the results around the country show clearly. We are encouraged that despite this negative background the British Muslim community have reaffirmed their commitment to a fuller participation in the civic and political life of the country to work for the common good. The election results show that no single party can any longer take the Muslim community’s votes for granted. The Muslim electorate has become more discerning and that is good news for the health of our democracy.

ELECTING TO DELIVER addresses common concerns of British life. It is aimed at all political parties, policy makers and interested citizens to engage them in a mutual dialogue. It draws attention to particular policy areas affecting the Muslim community that also concern the rest of British society. It highlight the issues of freedom from discrimination, greater representation, targeted policies to alleviate poverty and deprivation and initiatives in health and education. We call for the recognition of faith identity and seek fairness and justice in international relations. Read More…

In the 2005 General Election Campaign, the MCB launched it’s Voter Card, highlighting the ten key concerns of the Muslim community. This initiative provided British Muslim voters an opportunity to press concerns to their prospective MP.

The Parties Respond

· The Labour Party Respond

· The Conservative Party Respond

· The Liberal Democrat Party Respond

Engaging Muslim Voters

Amongst other events, MCB will be organising hustings meetings to enable British Muslims to quiz parliamentary candidates about their views in a number of key constituencies. MCB will also be issuing packs and briefings to its affiliates and the Muslim community on the issues that every politician and party should consider for the next five years.

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Cities include: London, Leicester, Birmingham, Batley, Manchester, Glasgow, Slough.

Constituencies with highest Muslim populations


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Selected Media coverage

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20th April, MCB affiliates denounce attack on Secretary General

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22 Mar, Muslims test their strength as voters and candidates

18th April, Press Release – Electing to Deliver: British Muslims Launch Election Strategy and Programme

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