MCB Welcomes New Government and the Prospect of a New Politics

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari MBE, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, today congratulated Mr. David Cameron’s appointment as Prime Minister and welcomed Mr. Nick Clegg in his role as Deputy Prime Minister. He said: “I join others in conveying my good wishes to the Prime Minister and his new government. They face before them a daunting challenge, but … Read More

New Muslim MP’s 2010

We welcome the following British Muslims who take their seat in Parliament. We hope they will serve all their constituents, and be role models for the rest of us. Rushanara Ali The first British Muslim of Bangladeshi orgin to be elected to the constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow. Rushanara Ali regained the seat for Labour winning 21,784 of the … Read More

The ‘Muslim Vote’ – Does it exist?

No vote should be taken for granted. A survey by ComRes and think tank Theos suggested that 35% of Muslims may vote Labour, the Conservatives 13% and the Liberal Democrats 15%. Received wisdom states that the many sections of the Muslim community have traditionally been a heartland for the Labour Party. Can the Labour Party take the ‘Muslim vote’ for granted, and ... Read More

Public Policy and Muslims – An Overview of Policy Concerns

The Muslim Council of Britain exists to play a constructive role in achieving a nation at ease with itself: accepting of diversity, yet able to appreciate shared values, acknowledge common interests and build inclusive communities through collective endeavour. To be a nation truly representative of its people we are obliged to listen to each other and to learn how to work ... Read More

Why Vote? MV 2010

We have a duty both as Muslims and Britons to organise and vote: As Citizens: Represent yourself in your local council, in the UK Parliament and in Europe Across the world the right to be heard is a hard won – Muslims know this well. It starts here It is vital to counter the rise of racist and Islamophobic far right ... Read More

Muslim Vote 2010

Muslim Vote 2010 is a tool and a platform to encourage British Muslims to go out and vote on 6 May. It also intends to create a non-partisan space where British Muslims of all political persuasions can come together, debate, share learn and activate for the common good. Muslims and the Elections These will be the closest fought election in a generation. All ... Read More