Muslim Vote 2005

Muslims congratulated over Robust Participation The 2005 General Elections came at a difficult time when there is clearly a lot of disaffection among British Muslims about the Iraq war, the application of draconian anti-terror laws and the manner in which sections of the media have used sensationalism to stigmatize our entire community. The issues raised by British Muslims were mainstream ... Read More

Local Groups

Local Groups As part of its commitment to connect Muslim voters with politicians, the MCB will be organising a series of events with affiliates across the country. Cities include: London, Leicester, Birmingham, Batley, Manchester, Glasgow, Slough. MCB affiliate Islamic Society of Britain, Berkshire organises Slough Hustings The Islamic Society of Britain made a small bit of history when it hosted a hustings under … Read More

Engage the Vote

Engage the Vote Local Groups If you want to organise election awareness meetings in your locality, click here Register to vote Visit: Become and Election Monitor Why Vote? Becoming a Volunteer During the Coming General Election Campaign The MCB is an inclusive body that endeavours to represent the interests of all Muslims in Britain and aims to work for the common good … Read More

Why Vote?

To participate or not to participate: a Muslim dilemma of our own creation An article by Dr Abdelwahab El-Affendi, Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster, published in The Muslim News, February 2005 The very fact that a debate still rages on within the Muslim community over whether or not to participate fully in the democratic political process … Read More

Issues – Electing to Deliver

The Issues Download Electing to Deliver: Towards a Representative Britain ELECTING TO DELIVER addresses common concerns of British life. It is aimed at all political parties, policy makers and interested citizens to engage them in a mutual dialogue. The Muslim Council of Britain exists to play a constructive role in achieving a nation at ease with itself: accepting of diversity, yet … Read More