Muslims Condole Demise of Cardinal Hume

The British Muslim community has expressed its deep grief and its sense of loss over the sad demise of the British Catholic leader, Cardinal Basil Hume OM. 18th June 1999 Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General of The Muslim Council of Britain, said in a letter to the General Secretary of Catholic Bishops Conference of England & Wales, Mgr Arthur Roche: ‘As … Read More

Secretary General’s Address at Reception for Prime Minister

5th May 1999 Welcome Speech by Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General Muslim Council of Britain, at a Muslim reception in honour of The Rt Hon Tony Blair, Prime Minister, London, 5 May 1999. In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to God, the Lord and Sustainer of all the worlds. We … Read More

Don’t Disperse Kosovans, Says MCB

6th April 1999 The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has issued the following statement on the Kosovan crisis: British Muslims are gravely concerned over the unfolding of the catastrophe in Kosova in which the majority of the population has been forcibly thrown out of their country in less than ten days. Ironically, this amounts to fulfilling the very objectives of … Read More

Muslims Welcome PM’s Historic Message

25TH MARCH 1999 Welcoming Prime Minister Tony Blair’s ‘first ever Eid greetings to British Muslims’, Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, said the message was a gesture of great and historic significance. In sharp contrast with those who say that civilisations must necessarily exist in a state of clash, the Prime Minister offers the high vision … Read More

Not Srebrenica Again!!

20th January 1999 Anguish, horror, outrage. Mere words are inadequate to describe the latest Serbian massacre in the Kosovan village of Recak. The massacre was premeditated and the Serbs had made no secret of their intention to punish what they call “terrorists” , however, what was more shocking, said the MCB Secretary General Iqbal Sacranie was the conduct of the … Read More

Muslims Under Seige?

12th January 1999 Commenting on “The Siege”, a Hollywood film widely seen as stoking up Islamophobia, and just released in the UK, the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, Mr Iqbal Sacranie, said “Such films only serve to dehumanise and increase the gulf of misunderstanding that exists between Muslims and others. It is time that filmmakers and other … Read More

Muslim Outrage Conveyed to Minister

23rd December 1998 As repercussions over the US/UK bombing in Iraq continue, a delegation from the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) expressed the grave concerns of their community at a special meeting called by Mike O’Brien, Minister with responsibility for race and community relations. The delegation, led by Mr Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General of the MCB, raised with Mr O’Brien … Read More

British Muslims Express Deep Concern Over Bombing Of Iraq

17th December 1998 The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has expressed its grave concern over the unilateral US/British bombardment of Iraq. The MCB is appalled by the cynical way President Clinton has once again put innocent lives in danger in order to divert attention from his own domestic political difficulties. However, the MCB notes with greater regret its own government’s … Read More

MCB Hosts Luncheon Meeting with Jack Straw

2nd December 1998 The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) hosted a luncheon meeting with the Home Secretary, Rt Hon Jack Straw, MP on Wednesday 2nd December 1998 at the Banqueting Centre of the Lords Cricket Ground in London. Over two hundred guests – from both Houses of Parliament, Heads and members of diplomatic missions, media organisations, distinguished guests from other … Read More