Internal Governance Protocols

The MCB’s internal protocols were¬†first approved by the MCB Central Working Committee in 2008, to address issues such as members; code of conduct and conflict of interest. Please click here to view the MCB’s Internal Governance Protocols.  


The MCB’s¬†Constitution was the outcome of 18 months discussion and debate in 1995-1997 within the National Interim Committee for Muslim Unity (NICMU). Over the years it has been amended through successful resolutions passed at AGMs. Constitutions of MCB: MCB Constitution 2002 MCB Constitution 2009 MCB Constitution 2010 MCB Constitution 2012  

Annual Reports

The Annual Reports are presented by the MCB Secretary General at each AGM. Annual Report 2000 Annual Report 2007-2008 Annual Report 2009-2010 Annual Report 2010-2011 DRAFT Annual Report 2014